What are the Roles in AFRUS?

Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at July 30th, 2021

In order to grant segmented and different access privileges according to the field of action of the users of your organization, AFRUS allows you to assign access roles to the platform to new users.

Each of the roles has different privileges, both for viewing, for creating and for specific actions.

Below I explain each one:

SuperHero role

Administrator user with all the privileges to create, read, edit, delete, export in all sections of the platform

Powerfull role

User with privileges such as Create, Read, Edit, Delete, Export, only in some sections.

Hero role

User who only has the privilege to see the data of the sections. You cannot create, edit or delete in any section except for the People section, where you can Create, edit or Delete.

Campaigner role

User who only has the privilege of viewing the campaigns, lead form and donation forms sections.

This map specifies the privileges that each Role has:

Here I explain the terms of the privileges:

  • VIEW    You can view data                                
  • CRUD You can Create, Read, Update or delete                                
  • EXP Can export                                
  • BANK Can create transactions, cancel and create subscriptions                                
  • ADM      Can Manage                                

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