What is AFRUS Engine and how does it work?

Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at August 6th, 2021

AFRUS, in addition to centralizing your data collected from your Fundraising strategies, allows you, through a management module called AFRUS ENGINE, to manage your recurring donations and Subscriptions.

Charges for recurring donations are made from the same module, these charges are not sent to the payment gateway, instead AFRUS processes the subscription, scheduling charges on dates that are estimated as required by the organization.

What do I need to do to get the AFRUS Engine?

It is very easy, you just have to request it from the AFRUS sales team, an agent from the team will tell you about the Pricing and acquisition process.

Once I get the module, how do I configure it?


Go to Organization Settings , to activate advanced settings:

1.2. Once you log in, select the option ACTIVATE RESOURCES, you will see a screen, here you must activate the module by clicking the blue ACTIVATE button:

1.3. An alert will appear to ensure the activation of the module:

1.4. Once the recurrence service has been activated, the editor panel of the recurrence settings will open. In this part you will establish:

  • # of retries per month: The number of collection retries for failed recurrences per month.
  • # of months that the collection will be retried: Define the number of months in which the collection will be retried before being classified as failed. Min 3 - Max 5.
  • Days of the month for collections: Define the dates of the month in which the collection of recurrences will be made.
    • 4 dates must be defined.
    • This will be the day of highest priority to make the collections.
    • No retries are applied in the following month.

1.5. Once the retry dates and frequencies have been configured, the configuration must be saved, by clicking SAVE,:

1.6. When saving, a message will appear notifying that the changes were saved successfully:


To see the data of your subscriptions and list of recurring donors, you can enter the Subscriptions section of the left side menu:

2.1. DASHBOARD. In this section you will be able to see the behavior of your subscriptions, you will see the following information:

Date filter, to segment the time filter in which you want to see the list and behavior of your subscriptions

Metric boxes, show the status of your subscriptions and the number of each one of them. By clicking on a box, it will show the list of subscriptions corresponding to the clicked status.

List of last subscriptions: Shows the list of the last subscriptions processed, where it will be found, the date of the subscription, name of the donor, type of recurrence (who processes the recurrence) , recurrence campaign.


2.2. SUBSCRIPTION LIST. On this page you will see the list of your organization's subscriptions.

  • You can Search your subscriptions using the search engine or the filter by status

  • You can see the information of the person, the subscription or cancel the subscription by activating the 3 right side buttons:

2.3 Like any other section of AFRUS, you can export the report of your subscriptions, you just have to click on EXPORT:

2.3.1 Then, Select the file type:

2.3.2 and then go to the downloads section to export your file to your desktop:


To create a new manual subscription you must follow the following steps:

3.1 Enter the PEOPLE / SUBSCRIPTIONS section:

3.2 When entering New Subscription, you will see this screen

  • You must configure the scheduling of the delivery date of the payment.

  • Then you must configure, campaign and amount:

  • Finally, click on CREATE SUBSCRIPTION:

  • Finally you will see the confirmation screen of the successful creation of the subscription:

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