How do I export my Database?

People Section

Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at February 28th, 2022

With you can get the list of people who are part of your CRM database, know their status, their personal data, source data, labels.

You can get the report in XLSX or CSV file.

Step by step to download your Database:

1. Go to the People section, which is your CRM.

2. Then, you must select the date filter of the transactions you want to see, Remember that you have 8 default options:

  • 1W: 1 week to current date
  • 4W: 4 weeks to current date
  • 1Y: One year to current date
  • MTD: Current month to current day.
  • QTD: Last trimester
  • YTD: The current year to the current day.
  • ALL: Everything, from day 1 you started receiving donations
  • CUSTOM: Specific date of time. you must select FROM and TO.

3. Then click the blue EXPORT button:

4. Then, select the type of file for your download and then click the EXPORT button to start the download process:

5. Then Go to the DOWNLOADS section, to finish the process, when you see the file listed, click on the arrow to get the report in your downloads folder:

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