How do I integrate through Infobip?

Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at September 3rd, 2021

1. Infobip configuration in AFRUS

Enter the ORGANIZATION SETTINGS section through the name menu

Once in Organization Settings, go to INTEGRATIONS, and click CONFIGURE in the INFOBIP box

2.PUBLIC KEY settings

Then, you will need to configure


For this you must enter your INFOBIP account and follow the following route:


When you have your new API KEY, click on PUBLIC KEY and it will automatically be copied to the clipboard

Then you go to

Afrus / Infobip / Public Key

then you will paste the Public Key and then you click save.

3. Event settings


It is each of the actions that the donor performs through our form.

  • A donation

  • A new record

  • A subscription

These events must be configured to have the traceability of the behavior of your donors or leads.

Once the Public Key is configured, you will start with the creation of the events you need.

Click on Add New to start.

The first thing you should do is select the Event you want to configure

Luedo, you will need to configure the DEFINITION ID.

This ID is extracted from the INFOBIP account

When you are inside INFOBIP, follow this path to get the DEFINITION ID.


You must create an event DEFINITION. Click on the indicated button.

You must configure the DEFINITION, with the name as it appears in Afrus.

You will put the ID you want as well as the description.

 d ion

To finish click on COPY

Then, you go to Afrus and paste the DEFINITION ID.

4. Event properties

Finally, you must configure THE PROPERTIES OF THE EVENT.

Write the NAME and TYPE in INFOBIP, just as it appears in AFRUS.

Finally you click on SAVE

The process must be repeated to configure all the other properties. (Slide 12 to 13)

Once the event is saved, it will be listed.

The process must be repeated with each of the events you wish to activate. (Slide 5 to 14)

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