How can I segment or tag my database


Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at September 9th, 2021

afrus allows you to segment or tag your database using tags. (leads, donors, recurring)

so that you can have defined segments to which you can send your communications by sending a Newsletter.

Segments can correspond to specific attributes example:

  • All leads that have entered a specific lead form or that have registered from a country, or that have a language or come from a specific fb campaign.

  • All single donors who have donated by credit card or all recurring donors who have donated a specific amount.

  • All persons in the database that have specific attributes.

  • or you can simply assign previously created tags to your donors or leads.

There are 2 ways to tag or segment your database, individually or in bulk.

We will see each of them below:

Tag people individually

1. For this you must enter the PEOPLE section, where you must look for the person you are going to tag.

2. Click on the person to enter Contact Information> Tags:

3. Then, click on the editor pencil, to create or assign labels:

4. When you click it, the following screen will open, go to the bottom, where you will see the title LABELS:

5. If you want to assign a tag, you just have to click on the right arrow to display the list and click the check box in front of each tag to activate it:

6. Finally you will see that the tag is already activated, now you must click on save to finish assigning the tag:


Tag people in bulk

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