How to unsubscribe from afrus?

afrus exit protocol

Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at September 9th, 2022

afrus allows you to unsubscribe only by following these steps.

1. You must notify us at about your decision. In this email you must indicate the name of the organization, the holder of the credit card from which the license is being charged.

2. The Customer Success area will request a feedback meeting on the use of

3. You must cancel all your subscriptions (see manual)

4. You must export all the transactional and personal data that you have collected in your fundraising process with (see manual)

5. Once you have done point 4. you must notify us at .

6. The Customer Success area will remove the payment gateway keys and other integrated connections.

7. The Customer Success area will unlink all users who have access to the account.

8. The account will be inactive from our system.

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