How do I see the record of my Donations?

Transactions section

Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at September 3rd, 2021

Transactions is the section of AFRUS that allows you to see the history of all your transactions / donations whether they are approved, rejected or failed.

You will be able to view the list of transactions by date segments, for this, it will only be enough to select the corresponding date filter in the upper bar and your list of donations will change.

1. What data can I see in the Transactions section?

This is the main screen of the transactions section:

The information you will see is:

  • Date filter:

Depending on the filter you select, the results of your transactions will be displayed.

  • Timestamp

This information shows you the date and time the donation or attempted donation was made.

  • Donor

This information shows you the full name of the donor.

  • Quantity

This information shows you the amount of the donation.

  • Condition

This data shows you the status of the transaction, there are three states:

  • Approved - transaction approved by the donor's bank
  • Failed: Transaction rejected by the donor's bank.
  • Pending: Transaction pending for approval or rejection by the bank.

  • Certificate

This information shows you the status of the Donation Certificate that corresponds to the transaction.

There are 3 states:

  • Delivered: Certificate Successfully sent.
  • Open: Certificate Read successfully.
  • Bounce: Certificate Sent but did not reach donor inbox
  • Not Issued: Certificate Not Sent.

  • Bell

This data shows you the campaign to which the donation was made.

2. How can I export my transaction report?

To obtain the export file of your donations you must follow the following steps:

2.1 First you must select the date filter of the transactions you want to see, Remember that you have 8 default options:

  • 1W: 1 week to current date
  • 4W: 4 weeks to current date
  • 1Y: One year to current date
  • MTD: Current month until the current day.
  • QTD: Last quarter
  • YTD: The current year to the current day.
  • ALL: Everything from day 1 you started receiving donations
  • CUSTOM: Specific date of time. must be selected FROM and TO.

2.2 Then click the blue EXPORT button:

2.3 Next, select the type of file for your download and then click the EXPORT button to start the download process:

2.4 Then go to the DOWNLOADS section, to finish the process, when you see the file listed, click on the arrow to determine where on your desktop you want the file:

3. How do I view the details of the transaction?

3.1 To do this, go to the row of the transaction you want to see and click:

3.2 After clicking, a small screen will open where the specific data of the transaction such as:

  • Donation amount
  • ID that the payment gateway gives to the transaction
  • Donation date
  • Donation payment method
  • payment gateway that processed the donation
  • Donor username and email
  • Type of donation (one-time or recurring)
  • Country from where the donation was made
  • The campaign and form where the donation was made.
  • Status of the issuance of the Certificate.

3.3 You will also see a tab called, Font details.

Here you can view the UTMs configured in your advertising campaigns, and you can track the source of your donations:

If the word Not provided is observed in the results, it will be understood that this donation does not come from the guideline.

3.4 Finally, you will find the response issued by the donor's bank through the payment gateway, where the code that records the transactional process is observed:

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