How do I configure the language of the campaigns

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Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at September 3rd, 2021

Afrus is Multicurrency and Multilanguage, that is why it allows you to receive donations in more than 100 currencies and customize your forms and thank you pages by country.

How can I set the language of my campaign?

Here's how to set the language for your campaigns.

1. From the campaigns section go to the 3 side points on the right side.

2.Click edit

3.Then a mini window will be displayed, where you will click on the + sign in Thank you page:

4.Once you log in, you will find this page where you can add and configure your thank you page in several languages. You just have to click on Add a language.

5. Then you will select the language you need to configure:

6. After selecting the language, you must add it, click Add:

7.Once the language is added, you can start editing the thank you page.

8. To start editing, you must click on the > sign for each language, to configure the text and images of the thank you page according to the corresponding language.

9.Finally, when you have the configuration finished, you must click on the save icon:

10.And then you click Save to the campaign and your campaign will be configured in the corresponding language.

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