How do I create a new Transaction?

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Written By Paula Torres (Administrator)

Updated at September 3rd, 2021

AFRUS allows you to easily manage your transactions, if you have the case or request to create a new transaction, you can do it without much difficulty.

This is possible thanks to the encryption of sensitive data in AFRUS, this data cannot be accessed due to security terms, but it is stored there, facilitating actions such as the creation of a transaction with just one click.

This action allows you to change the status from a single donor to a recurring donor quickly, these are practices that can favor your call center team in your telephone campaigns or in cases when the donor does not have time to access your donation form.

What do I have to do to refund or return a donation?

It's very easy, just follow these steps and make your returns in minutes:

1. Enter the PEOPLE section, search for the person using the search engine, and then click on the person:

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2. Then, enter the TRANSACTIONS subsection. Here you will find the list of transactions made by the donor you are viewing and you will also find a blue button, located in the upper right part called CREATE:

3. When you click the button, a screen will open where you must fill in the corresponding data for the new transaction:

  • In Payment gateway , select the gateway that you have configured in your account:

  • In Campaign , select the campaign to which this new transaction corresponds:

  • In Form , select the form to which this new transaction corresponds:

  • In Amount , enter the amount (amount) of this new transaction:

  • Under Currency , select the corresponding currency for this new transaction:

4. With the details completed, click save and the new transaction will be created:

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